Iowa City Jazz Festival Jam Session

  • Saturday, July 3
  • 10:00PM

Historically the jazz jam sessions were held during the wee hours of the night and early mornings after the club or dance band gigs ended for the night. These sessions were a place where jazz musicians could get together to hang and play the tunes they weren’t able to play on those gigs and to hang with other musicians while experimenting and trying new ideas in a safe place where everyone could nerd out together.

Blake Shaw and his sexytet will be starting off the night and getting the session started. Stop in with your axe and LOOK FOR THE SIGN UP SHEET. All levels of players are encouraged to join in! There’s only one rule: BE KIND or leave. It’s pretty simple... Have a few tunes in mind that you’d like to play and let’s keep the music going all night!

Blake Shaw- dbl bass/vocals
Christopher Jensen- drums
Dan Padley- guitar
Dave Hagedorn- vibes
Jon Eldridge II- piano
Nolan Schroeder- sax

Drummers- bring your sticks!
Bassists- bring your fingers!
Pianists- bring your fingers!
Vibraphonists- bring your mallets!
Guitarists- bring your axe!
Horn players- bring your horn!
Vocalists- bring your mouth! 

— at Elrays Live&Dive.

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