• Friday, May 21
  • 8:00PM
  • Free Concert!

21+. Free Show. 

Lakeview will be performing May 21st & 22nd at Elray's!

Casey Klein opens May 21st at 5pm followed by Lakeview at 8pm

Dalles Jacobus opens May 22nd at 5:30pm followed by Lakeview at 8pm

Lakeview website

Straight from a Country song – two guys meet and start a band, realize the same girl broke their heart, and then make a spur-of-the-moment decision to hop in a car fueled on neon dreams en route to Nashville – but no, this is the real-life story of LAKEVIEW.

Jesse Denaro and Luke Healy make up the Nashville-by-way-of-Pittsburgh duo, infusing Country soul, Rock scope, and Pop ambition, into a singular style rooted in old school storytelling and elevated by carpe diem attitude and edgy production under Photo Finish Records.

“We love writing and we have a ton of songs that are traditional Country, but it’s cool to push the envelope and see what we can get away with too,” admits Healy. “We want to disrupt and blur the lines even more.”