The Wonderlands - Upstairs Stage

  • Saturday, December 3
  • 9:00PM
  • Free before 9PM, $5 cover at the door after 9PM

21+.  Free entry before 9pm and just a $5 cover at the door after 9pm to enjoy this show and more entertainment across 3 rooms at Elray's Live & Dive in Downtown Iowa City!

The Wonderlands take the upstairs stage at 9pm.

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The Wonderlands are a five-piece band originally started by childhood friends Miles Jena (vocals) and Adam Steele (bass). After years of writing and performing together Steele and Jena expanded the band to include keyboardist Jill Gavigan, drummer Derek Johnson, and guitarist Patrick Oakes. Their 2020 debut album This Digital Life explores the paradoxical loneliness offered by the modern virtually connected world.

Summer 2021 has brought their sophomore release, The Push and The Pull, which is the first full length release featuring the band’s full lineup. This new direction was basis for more stylistic and sonic experimentation in the recording process, and the result is a fresh angle on love and loss in the 21st century. Now, the quintet is exploring new sounds and concepts while taking every opportunity to hit the road and share their work with the world.